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HPC Werkz

Ballast-Bulb Cable: Morimoto XB D1/D3

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Morimoto Ballast Output: This cable is required to run all D1S or D3S HID Headlight bulbs from a current generation Morimoto XB35 or XB55 ballast.


Plug n Play Perfection: These will plug n play with the AMP 3P female connector on the input side, and the proper output for your HID bulbs to ensure perfect ignition every time.

  • Tech Specs: LENGTH:::254mm / 10in|INSULATION:::TechFlex Mesh|CONNECTOR:::D1 D3 Standard
  • What's Included: CABLE:::1x Morimoto D1/D3 Ballast to Bulb Cable|Warranty:::2 Years
  • Compatibility: HID BULBS:::D1S or D3S (PK32-D2)|BALLASTS:::Morimoto XB35 / XB55 Computers