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Bi-LED: NHK Pro Plus 2.5" (LHD)

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Little Brother: The NHK 2.5" Pro Plus is the little brother to the NHK IV Plus 3" unit. It's advantage is that it's slightly shorter and has a smaller lens; think Chevy Cateye conversions! It doesn't pack quite as large of a punch as the IV Plus, but it's also in a different pricing category. You can't go wrong with the NHK Plus projectors - amazing value for the performance they both offer. 
Solid Output: Our testing shows solid low beam distribution out of this unit. Peak intensity is located right at the step up of the cutoff. Output rivals high end bi-xenon projectors with Osram Nightbreaker Laser bulbs! As we test at lower points of the beam distribution, there is a drop off in intensity which shows this unit puts the light performance where it's needed most.  

Wait, There's More: This unit features an added bonus! There is an additional LED reflector/chip on the lower portion of the projector to maximize high beam performance. This provides the best LED based hot spot on the market aside from Laser assisted high beams, which command a much higher price point. 

Color: Featuring a cool white 6000K color temperature with a thick blue band at the cutoff for maximum color flicker that spans across the whole beam pattern. If flicker is what you are into; this is your unit!

Bolt Pattern: Featuring a "G5" bolt pattern gives you access to a long list of compatible retrofit brackets featured on our website. While this unit does not have a threaded shaft for easy reflector based installs; it can be retrofitted into many makes and models that have pre-made brackets for popular vehicles. 

Noise: This unit features a whisper quiet fan in comparison to other LED projectors and bulbs on the market. Fan is located at the rear of the unit, please allow some space for air to recirculate if using a weather cap on the back of the unit. 

All In One: The NHK Pro Plus Bi-LED is a complete package. No external drivers, just wire up the low and high beam and you are good to go. This is excellent for the users that hate mounting ballasts and additional wiring in their vehicles. 

Wiring: Please note that these units come with 4 bare wire leads. One power and ground for each of the low and high beam inputs. We offer pre-attached 9006 and 9005 inputs for easier hook up. Single filament applications can use a direct connection to factory low beam plug with a high beam splitter. Dual filament applications will require a MotoControl wiring harness to make this unit plug and play.
What's Included:
2x NHK Pro Plus 2.5" Bi-LED Projectors (LHD) + Centric Rings
3 Years
Tech Specs:
Depth: 130mm
Width: 108mm
Height: 82mm