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Morimoto 4Banger Fog Light Kit: Fog Brackets / Harness Raptor (6x Lights)

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Triple Threat: The Morimoto 4Banger NCS Wide Beam is the only LED Pod in the aftermarket with a truly SAE compliant beam pattern. The Morimoto 4Banger HXB Wide Beam sets a new industry benchmark for intensity. The Morimoto 4Banger NCS spot and combo will illuminate medium-to-long range distances unlike anything else in the aftermarket thanks to the laser boost. But what's better than a collection of the best performing beam patterns in the industry? The ability to combine three of them on the front end of your 2016-2021 Ford Raptor, of course! Engineered Solution: Thanks to the smaller than usual footprint of the 4Banger, we now have a powerful LED Pod light upgrade for the Raptor that fits properly and looks right. Other kits that are based on bigger LED pods stick out like a sore thumb. Not here. Morimoto engineers spent many hours hands-on in the garage during development of the 4Banger brackets alone. Repeated rounds of design, prototyping, and test fitting have spawned the most refined set of bumper brackets that a Raptor owner could ask for. Easy Setup: Everything is designed to bolt-on and plug-n-play. No modifications are required to your Ford Raptor or its wiring to install the 4Banger off-road lights in your bumper. Each kit includes all the necessary hardware and high-quality wiring harnesses to mount three LED pods and provide them with reliable power using an in-cabin switch. Fully Adjustable: These things are powerful, and while their wide beam pattern is perfect for use as a fog light, power is nothing without control. In addition to the side to side adjustability, the brackets also have +/- 6 degrees of vertical range so that you can dial in the aim and ensure every ounce of intensity ends up exactly where you want it. All Weather: The white-output version is ideal for all-around visibility. For those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog – the Yellow-output version will slay in sour weather. For HXB Spot and Combo models, Morimoto has opted for Phosphor-Converted Yellow LEDs that produce yellow light at the origin, which is the most effective way to penetrate through particles in the air without compromising output (Filtering white light through a yellow lens achieves the look, but no actual performance benefit in poor weather)
  • Tech Specs: Relays: 2x Triple Sealed 40A M-Spec Relays
    Switch: Normally off M-Spec w/ Amber backlight
    Outputs: 6x DT06-2 Pin
    Output Wiring: Insulated 12 AWG Copper
    Inputs: 12V+/- Ring Terminals
    Input Wiring: Insulated 10 AWG Copper
    Power: Up to 5A Per Output
  • What's Included: Fog Light Brackets: 2x (One Pair) Morimoto 4Banger (BAF024 / Ford Raptor)
    Hardware: Complete Pack (Stainless Steel)
    Wiring: Plug N Play Connection Kit
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime (Click for Details)
  • Compatible Bases: FORD RAPTOR: 2017-2020 COMPLIANCE: DOT, ECE, SAE Standards