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ORACLE 24X-9 Xenon Flashlight- BLACK

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ORACLE Part # 8004-001 

Pick up a 24W Xenon flashlight from ORACLE Lighting, and experience impressive illumination when it matters most!

This premium rechargeable flashlight is the perfect balance of precision optics, efficient power, and superior durability. The exclusive technology packs a ton of power into a 9-inch housing and produces 2200Lm of bright light in any condition. The compact, hand-held design features 24W HID xenon lighting for excellent performance for indoor or outdoor use. The professional locking case is an included bonus for safe-keeping your investment, and two chargers are included to ensure your light is ready when you are.

Incorporating all the necessary components of the High-Intensity Discharge system, the light includes the xenon bulb, digital ballast, lithium power pack, and HID igniter into an all-aluminum body. With a vibrant 4300K color temperature, the light has the ability to function for 60 minutes of continuous use. This rugged flashlight carries an IPX3 Waterproof Rating and a 1 year warranty.

Makes an excellent gift!

Product Specifications:
• Kelvin Color: 4300K
• Ballast Current: AC
• Brightness: 2200Lm
• Output: 24W HID Xenon
• Working Environment: 0 To 140 F
• Operating Time: 60 Min Continuous
• Bulb Lifetime: 5000 Hours of Use
• Battery Lifetime: 500+ Duty Cycles
Waterproof Degree: 1Px3
• Warranty: 1 Year with Hassle-Free Replacement

• Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• DC Charger (Car Charger)
• AC Charger (Home Charger)
• Built-in LED Micro Flashlight
• Professional Locking Case
• Green Halo Locator Ring