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HPC Werkz

P13W: GTR Lighting CSP Mini

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P13W: GTR Ultra LED
  • Tech Specs: INTENSITY:::3600lm / bulb (each)|CURRENT LOAD:::2.5A @ 14V DC|WATTAGE:::36W (each)|INPUT VOLTAGE:::8-32V DC|Color Temp:::6000K (Cool White)
  • What's Included: BULBS:::2x 9005 S-V.4 LED|LED DRIVERS:::2x S-V.4 Regulators|WIRING:::9005 Plug n Play Inputs|WARRANTY:::2 Years
  • Compatible Bases: BASE/FITMENT:::9005/HB3|Application:::HID and LED bulbs are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE Note: This usage regulation is not unique to Headlight Revolution bulbs. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.|HOMOLOGATION ECE:::NO|DOT/SAE/FVMSS108:::NO (NOT STREET LEGAL IN HEADLIGHTS IN USA)