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HPC Werkz

Posi-Tap Wire Tap Connectors

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Now offering the same connectors we use for on site installation to our customers directly! 

Truth of the matter is, we only want our customers to do their installations once!  No one likes to troubleshoot a malfunctioning switchback LED halo turn signal or a constantly flashing white LED strip. Standard wire tap connectors are prone to issues over time. The Posi-lock connections provide a solid wire tap that is stable for it's entire duration on the vehicle! 

*Red is used on thinner wires, and Blue is used on thicker wires



Tap wires without cutting or splicing 

Total wire integrity is maintained

Installs in seconds by hand. No tools required!

Reusable or permanent

Vibration prone



2X Posi-Lock Wire Taps - Your Choice In Size