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HPC Werkz

2007-18 Jeep JK 3.5-Inch Lift Kit with Shocks

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DV8 Offroad's Rock Runner Kit is for those who want their JK to have more clearance, better articulation, and a plush, better than stock ride on the road, all while not modifying the stock drive train or breaking the bank. The rock runner kit may be DV8's base level kit, but it is no slouch. This kit will improve your JK's ability to traverse most obstacles with ease. In fact this kit was run through the toughest trails in Johnson Valley and performed flawlessly.

DV8 Offroad Nitro Monotube Shocks are not nearly as flashy as the coilovers or the triple bypasses, but for those who don't plan on hitting desert whoops at 80 mph or conquering trails that would make a king of the hammers race team cringe, these may be just the shocks that you are looking for.

  • The thing that makes our monotube shocks stand out from the crowd is their size. having a thicker body allows us to put more fluid into the shock which in turn results in better performance for longer.
  • Our shocks contain an internal bump stop, so that when you are at full flex the seals of the shock are not being damaged.
  • When a customer orders one of our lift kits, we provide monotube shocks that are designed for that specific kit. The result is perfect harmony between the shock and the jeeps ability to flex.

Included in the Kit:

  • Front & rear track bars
  • 4 patent pending DV8 progressive rate coil springs
  • Extended sway bar end-links
  • Extended brake line brackets
  • 2 front nitro monotube shocks
  • 2 rear nitro monotube shocks


  • 3.5-inch lift kit
  • Clears 35 inch tires
  • Easy bolt on installation
  • Vehicle specific spring rates
  • Heim jointed chromoly track bars
  • Stock drive line compatible
  • Nitro monotube shocks

When you choose any DV8 suspension kit, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality kit that works. Many competitors sell discounted kits that don't include all the components that are necessary to correct geometry and make the JK perform the way it should. We believe that this is not only unethical but also unsafe. So that you will be just as excited to drive your lifted JK as you were the day you drove it off the lot. We supply all the necessary components to ensure that driving your modified JK is always fun and never becomes a chore. This is how we deviate from the ordinary and what makes us DV8 Offroad.

Install Manual

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