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HPC Werkz

Sealed Beam: Morimoto Sealed6 (5.75in Round)

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  • Tech Specs: TRAFFIC PATTERN:::LHD / DOT|INPUT VOLTAGE:::9-36V DC|RATED LIFETIME:::10,000 Hours|HOUSING MATERIAL:::Powdercoated Cast Aluminum|LENS MATERIAL:::UV-Treated Polycarbonate|INPUT CONNECTOR:::H4 Male + T-Taps for DRL|LOW / HIGH LED:::12x Nichia NCSW170C|DRL LED:::4x Philips Luxeon 3535L|LOW BEAM:::2,400 lumens / 20w|HIGH BEAM:::4300 lumens / 35w|KELVIN RATING:::5000K (Pure White)
  • What's Included: Headlight:::1x Morimoto Sealed6 Bi-LED (Black)|Wire Taps:::2x 14-16ga T-Taps (for DRL)|Wiring:::H4 Male Connector + DRL Signal Wires|Warranty:::5 Years
  • Compatible Bases: Size:::5.75in Round|Cross Compatible Fitments:::H5001, H5006 |Input Wiring:::H4 3-pin (low/high/ground)