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THE Benchmark When you want the ultimate in safety and performance numbers matter, it’s not an excuse for a lack of engineering, but a simple measurement of horsepower. With its 1000LM White and 1400LM Amber the V6 Extreme Switchback is a clear winner, and when you see them next to the imitators, you’ll understand why.

NEW Radial Lens Starting from the top, we developed a radial firing inverted cone lens which produces a more direct pattern into the reflector. This combined with the two-position adjustable feature produces an intensity like no other LED on the market.

Maximum Chip Placement We packed nine genuine CREE chips onto the metal core copper PCB. We used six XP-E2 PC Amber and three XB-H White chips. This allows the white output to be slightly more than the existing V6 Triton Switchback while the amber output is nearly 3 times as bright!

Built-In HDRL We integrated the HDRL function for vehicles that use the front turn signal as a DRL, which was an extra controller and cost on standard V6 Triton systems. This feature automatically changes the output from Amber to White when the high mode DRL is active. These types of DRL’s are commonly found on Toyota trucks and a few other vehicles.

Amber Parking The black cap wire on the controller triggers a new Amber Parking option when the headlights are on (12V from the low beam headlight circuit). This provides a more OEM look and reduces the total number of white lights when the headlights are on.

Dim White The white cap wire triggers the Dim White option which reduces the white output to 10% of the original output (approx. 100LM) to lessen the intensity when headlights are turned on. This means your turn signals do not overpower the low beam headlights on your vehicle.

External Controller We had to remove this from the bulb to add the three features outlined above. In addition, removing the driver from the bulb extends component life, ensuring your V6 Extreme Switchbacks will be going strong for years to come.

Resistance The V6 Extreme’s current draw is nearly that of your stock filament bulb and in many applications external resistors are not needed to prevent hyperflash. However, we do recommend adding our VLR-15 resistors for the most trouble-free operation.

The Original For over 15 years, we have been innovating and pioneering the industry with products like the V3 and V6 systems. We've been there, done that, and have experience in designing a system that not only has the kinks worked out but performs better than anything else on the market. When quality comes into question, know you can trust VLEDS.


Key Features:

Radial Lens Optical grade polycarbonate lens creates radial 360° pattern for maximum intensity in the housing
Adjustable Added spacer ring allows for two-position adjustment
Resistors Many vehicles do not require load resistors but if needed VLR-15 meets load requirements
Optimized Output Perfect output for daytime running lights and insane output for turn signals
External Controller Dim White and Amber Parking features with improved component lifespan
Integrated HDRL Controller senses continuous voltage on the high circuit and switches the output to the white LEDs
Aluminum Billet CNC'd with anodized finish and laser engraved lettering
Plug N' Play No splicing or tapping
Connectors Miniature sealed waterproof connectors
Easy Install Universal interface into the lamp assembly



SERIES V6 Extreme
OUTPUT 1000LM-W 1400LM-A
CURRENT DRAW @ 14.4V 1.2A White / 1.9A Amber
DRIVER STYLE Constant Current
MATERIAL 6061 Aluminum

What's Included:

2x V6 Extreme Switchback Controllers
2x V6 Extreme Switchback Bulbs
2x Extreme Adjustment Spacers
2x V6 Base Adapters w/ WP Resistor Plug
2x 1 Pin Wire w/ Solo Taps (Dim White or Amber Parking)
2x Sealing Gaskets
2x Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink
2x Dielectric Grease Packs
2x Collars
2x Allen Key
8x Screws