Waterproof Flow Series MM Halo Rings

Waterproof Flow Series MM Halo Rings

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These Waterproof MM Halo Rings will take your vehicle to the next level! Featuring full color functionality, you'll have the ability to transform your headlights with the click of a button, cycling through hundreds of different modes and functions, the color combinations are virtually endless, you'll definitely make your competition think twice before pulling up next to you!

These halos are intended to be installed exterior to the vehicle and are safe to be exposed to the elements. 

What are my options?

  • Flow Series: Full Color Functionality with over 200+ Sequential/Chasing Modes

Order Includes:

    Waterproof Flow Series Halo Rings:

    • Halo(s)
    • Halo: 36” Wiring Lead
    • All components are located on the halo itself (*drivers not required)


    Self installed products are covered under a (1) Year Warranty, products installed by an Authorized Lighting Trendz Dealer are covered under a lifetime warranty. *All sales are final, any returns will be honored in the form of in-store credit only.

    The RF controller features 300+ sequential, color-chasing patternsbrightness/speed control, the ability to add up to 16 "favorite" patterns to a custom playlist, and 7 solid colors: Red Yellow Green  Cyan White  Purple & Blue .

    The Bluetooth controller is compatible with both Apple (iOS 8.0 or later) & Android(OS 4.4 or later) devices and features a complete static color wheel for seemingly endless solid color options, 200 sequential, color-chasing patterns, & brightness/speed control